Sunday, June 6, 2010

Make one for me

Cruising with the Top Down

So last year, Jeff needed a new car. The Expedition was 10 years old, all the kids had left the nest, and for the first time we could get anything we wanted not what we needed. After dithering for a while, I said, "Get the convertible you always wanted. Some day you will be too old to enjoy one and then you will regret you never had one." Needless to say, I've enjoyed it, too.
Today, we dropped the top and headed off for a Sunday drive to Warm Springs, vacation home of FDR.

Warm Springs is a sleepy little town south of Atlanta that is a tourist destination with little antique and souvenir shops and a few restaurants. This is the mascot of Blue Bunny Ice Cream.

Our final destination was the Bulloch House Restaurant, a southern traditional buffet restaurnat. $11.99 gets you all you can eat and sweet tea to drink.

Fried chicken, turkey and dressing, butter beans, fried green tomatoes, and a yeast roll on a 1960's melmac plate.

Dessert is a few dollars extra...Peach cobbler and lemon meringue pie. What a marvelous drive.

Splurge of the Week: Rumi's Kitchen

After watching the latest jobs report and reading from Robert Reich, of all people, that we are headed into a double dip recession, we decided to blow everything and have a nice night out with Jimmy and Jenny. Unfortunately, the food and conversation at Rumi's Kitchen, a Persian Restaurant in Sandy Springs, was so good that we forgot to take pictures until dessert. Here is the baklava with pistachio ice cream.
The restaurant itself is on busy Roswell Rd. but once you step inside it is welcoming and comfortable. We found the wait staff very attentive and helped us navigate the menu. I must say all the kabobs, lamb and beef, were outstanding but the rice was the best. Having been to Iran, I found the rice consistent with what I had in any fine home. We also had several of the dips, hummus, eggplant and yogurt with fresh breaked bread. For a moment I forgot about the Great Recession and felt like I had been transported back to Persia.

Little Szechuan Gets A Face Lift

Little Szechuan in Northwoods Plaza on Buford Highway is getting a much needed facelift. However, the inside remains the same...a little worn and grungy but with consistently good food. We ate recently for lunch which includes these nice pickled beansprouts, cabbage and turnip for a starter.

Next comes soup, choice of hot and sour or vegetable, with an egg roll. I think their hot and sour is one of the best.

An order of fresh hot pepper chicken which comes with snow peas, mushrooms and cabbage in a spicy brown sauce with fresh hot peppers like jalapenos. Just the right spice.

Kim's favorite...beef with broccoli.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Bargain Activity: Gardening

When we are home on Memorial Day, we usually plant flowers in the back yard around our deck. I always pick out things that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Entertainment all summer long.

Can You Believe I Never Tried this Before?

So Jeff says we are going somewhere special today and I say where? Somewhere you would never think of going - Steak and Shake. He's right, its something I would never think of going to. I thought it was a fast food, stand in a line, place like Burger King or Hardee's. But I was pleasantly surprised to see we were seated and had table service.

The grand surprise was the double cheese and bacon steak burger and peach milk shake. Ummm. I am surprised but I would go back.

Table 1280 at the High Museum

We went to the High Museum to see the Automobile exhibit which was well worth the effort. We also saw the digital collage exhibit that was closing. While there, we stopped at our usual High lunch spot, Table 1280, on their property. I had a veal burger with a portabello mushroom.
Jeff was disappointed the chicken salad was off the menu but he really enjoyed his skirt steak with a quinoa salad.

Kim, recovering from our feasting in Florida, had a caesar salad with a grilled chicken breast.

Ally had the rigatoni with a vodka sauce.
Great way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. We can't wait for the Dali and Titian exhibits. We got a membership to the High from Jenny and Jimmy for Christmas so the High is a bargain day out for us.